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Untangling The Second Death

A chilling journey into the heart of a West Dorset village, where the tranquil façade shatters with a double murder. As our protagonist delves into the shadows of this sinister plot, a dark force tightens its grip on an increasingly fragile family. With every twist and turn, the mystery deepens, revealing a web of deceit that extends far beyond the village limits. Soon, it becomes evident that this is not merely a local tragedy, but a powerful deception that threatens the very fabric of their world. Be prepared to confront betrayal and discover the unsettling truth of a global deception that feels uncomfortably close to home.

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This book is currently distributed on a "Give What You Can" basis as a means of raising charitable funds. Please make a donation to Shelterbox at the link below, and then download a copy of the book for your ereader, PC, tablet or phone by clicking the relevant picture underneath.

Shelterbox is a charity that provides disaster relief. Delivering a box the size of an office desk which holds a tent, plus all necessities to sustain a family for three months, Shelterbox operates in multiple countries across the world struggling with the aftermath of major disaster.

"Give What You Can" for the book here at the Shelterbox donation site.

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